THRIFT ON WOODLAWN is seeking a full time General Manager. We are a welcoming, justice seeking NEW MCC Thrift Shop supporting Mennonite Central Committee and local partner, Working Men of Christ.  The General Manager will take the lead in creating a second hand retail environment where dignity of people and creation is of primary importance.  The General Manager will provide leadership to paid staff and volunteers, and obtain direction from the board of directors. This hands-on role includes coordinating the implementation of a new thrift shop business and ensuring a good community presence while managing all aspects of shop operations.  Thrift on Woodlawn is in Wichita KS. See the full job description below. Application Deadline November 30, 2018.  To apply click button below.

Full Job Description

JOB TITLE:  MCC Thrift Shop General Manager

REPORTS TO:  CMT Board of Directors



SALARY:  $40,900.00

BENEFITS:  Health Insurance Defined Contribution Plan, 5% salary match to retirement fund, 10 paid holidays, 10 sick days / year, 10 vacation days / year, performance bonus

NOTICE:  This job description is provided as a general summary of common job duties performed by individuals assigned this job title.  It is not all-inclusive, nor is it intended to create a contract, written or implied, between employees and CMT.


Thrift on Woodlawn is a welcoming, justice seeking non-profit supporting the international work of Mennonite Central Committee and local partner, Working Men of Christ.  The General Manager will take the lead in creating a second hand retail environment where dignity of people and creation is of primary importance. The General Manager will provide leadership to paid staff and volunteers, and obtain direction from the board of directors.  This hands-on role includes coordinating the implementation of a new thrift shop business and ensuring a good community presence while managing all aspects of shop operations.

Wichita MCC thrift shop is owned and operated by Central Mennonite Thrift (CMT) and its governing Board for the purposes of supporting the work of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).  Wichita MCC Thrift Shop works with partner Working Men of Christ (WMOC) to carry out MCC’s mission locally. Wichita MCC Thrift Shop is one of over 100 MCC Thrift Shops in the US and Canada and relates to the broader MCC Thrift Shop network.

Mission Statement: As a not-for profit thrift shop owned by Central Mennonite Thrift, Inc., we support the local and global relief, development and peace projects of Mennonite Central Committee and partner with Working Men of Christ (WMOC).   

Vision:  CMT, Inc.  will operate storefront charity thrift shop(s) where donated items are sold to the public in an atmosphere of dignity and with no discrimination.

Core Values:

Mission of Love

- Building global community

- Building local community

- Caring for Creation

- Dedication to others

- Affirming dignity

- Seeking justice

- Removing barriers

- Accountability and integrity

Purposes of the Shop

Thrift on Woodlawn is a Christian resource for meeting human needs by:

  1. Offering a friendly, caring presence in the community and a place for volunteers to use their time and talents.

  2. Receiving donated items, encouraging reuse and recycling of material resources.

Thrift on Woodlawn is dedicated to Creation Care and will make every effort to reduce consumption, reuse, and/or recycle all items in every way possible.

  1. Reselling donated items, offering quality, affordable merchandise to the community

  2. Generating income for Mennonite Central Committee and informing the churches and community of the MCC mission.

  3. Supporting Working Men of Christ by generating income and offering meaningful volunteer and employment opportunities as part of a restorative justice program.


  • Heart for social justice, peacemaking and global understanding.

  • Bilingual a plus

  • Post-secondary education is highly preferable or equivalent experience

    • Retail/resale

      • Working knowledge of marketing principles and retail merchandising

      • Understanding of principles of customer service

    • Management and supervision

  • Demonstrated Leadership Skills

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and growth-oriented environment, while maintaining a sense of humor and a positive, solution-oriented approach.

  • Ability to maintain a flexible schedule with availability to work occasional weekends and evenings as needed

  • Business development skills:  

    • Experience with budgeting, reporting, development and implementation of plans

    • Able to look for process and procedures for improvement/streamline

    • Proficiency with computers and social media applications

  • Excellent communication and relationship building skills

    • Willingness to do public speaking

    • Willing and able to collaborate & relate with a variety of people, without discrimination

Delineation of responsibilities

The General Manager (GM) is selected and reviewed annually by the Operations Council and the Thrift Shop Coordinator.  

  • The Operations Council provides counsel and support to GM.

    • Matters pertaining to the physical plant i.e. structural problems, renovations, electrical, heating and air conditioning, are the responsibility of the Operations Council

  • The MCC CS Thrift Shop Coordinator provides supervision of GM and a link to the CMT Board of Directors     

    • Matters relating to finance such as loans/mortgages and payroll are the responsibility of the CMT board.

The GM supervises 3 paid positions and multiple volunteer positions.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Planning and Evaluation

  1. Meet monthly with Operations Council to:

    1. Develop yearly budget using CMT guidelines and submit to CMT for approval.

    2. Evaluate and monitor sales and expenses as related to the annual budget approved by the CMT Board.

    3. Create vision for the shop and ensure implementation of strategic plan.

    4. Administer Local Peace and Justice Grant process according to CMT guidelines.

    5. Remit designated net profits monthly to CMT and local partner.

    6. Develop and monitor health and safety procedures ensuring volunteers and customers are not at risk.

    7. Oversee and support the implementation of Resume Building program with partner, WMOC

    8. Oversee the needs assessment and make plans to recruit volunteers as necessary.

General Manager is responsible for coordinating the meeting space and documents necessary for an efficient meeting.

Store management

  1. Oversee the process of donated merchandise in a timely fashion.  

    1. Processes include: receiving, sorting, tagging, displaying, rotating and disposing, selling

  2. Maintain current knowledge of CMT policies

  3. Establish and maintain store procedures

  4. Develop shop operational strategies based on strategic plan

  5. Manage supply inventory and orders as necessary

  6. Recommend, implement and lead initiatives to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations

  7. Manage the daily operations of the shop, including but not limited to

    1. opening and closing / make bank deposits or delegate as necessary

    2. assisting volunteers with customer service requests.

    3. clerking as needed

    4. assisting on the sales floor and receiving area as needed.

  8. Coordinate regular maintenance that includes cleaning, clearing snow, garbage pickup and other activities to ensure high standards of operation are achieved

  9. Utilize and implement the MCC Thrift Shop Network handbooks, standards and best practices in marketing, graphic standards, operations, and volunteer management

  10. Ensure the shop lives out the core values set by CMT Board

Financial management

  1. Implement CMT policies and financial controls to ensure prudent use of resources.

  2. Implement approved budget.

  3. Pay monthly operating costs

  4. Submit Annual report to CMT, partnering organization, local constituent churches

Health and Safety

  1. Ensure compliance with local and state requirements for selling second hand products in the US as well as products identified by the CMT board as “Do Not Sell”

  2. Maintain and monitor health and safety procedures reducing risk.

Personnel Management

  1. Provide leadership and encourage collaboration

  2. Provide supervision: monitor personnel adherence to policies and procedures; take corrective action as necessary to ensure compliance following CMT policy

  3. Maintain personnel files according to CMT policy and federal/state law

  4. Paid Staff

    1. Provide leadership and direction for paid employees

      1. Recruit, screen, interview, hire, train and review staff in keeping with the CMT policies and procedures

    2. Develop staff schedules to maintain adequate personnel to accomplish tasks and respond to customer demand

    3. Hold regular managers meetings with assistant manager(s) / key department leaders for collaboration, planning, and information sharing

  5. Volunteers

    1. Support the work of volunteers by expressing appreciation both formally through volunteer appreciation events and informally on a day to day basis

    2. Oversee volunteers providing support where necessary


  1. Develop, implement, and manage marketing campaign to promote the shop’s mission and purpose and to support strategic goals.

    1. In store messaging

    2. Offsite presentations

    3. Paid advertising/promotions

    4. Online website and social media

  2. Measure success of marketing campaigns.

  3. Increase the amount of customers and profits of the shop by maintaining and improving the appearance and selection of the retail floor through donation rotation and creative merchandising.

  4. Oversee the display of merchandise inside the shop to enhance the appearance and appeal of the shop.

  5. Develop pricing policy in consultation with thrift coordinator.

  6. Advocate the mission and purpose of the shop to the local community, recruiting volunteers, donations and customers.

  7. Follow MCC Thrift Shop Network Graphic Standards in all shop marketing and communication materials.

Customer Service

  1. Promote excellence in the customer service experience for all visitors to the thrift shop through personnel training

  2. Utilize MCC Thrift Network Customer Service Toolkit

Continuing Education

  1. Keep current with knowledge of resale, thrift, retail trends through regular communication with the broader MCC Thrift Shop Network.

    1. Participate in periodic offsite training that may involve overnight travel

    2. Meet periodically with other Thrift Shop Management for networking

    1. Participate in MCC Thrift Network meetings and conferences

    2. Attend Roots of Justice Anti-Racism Training

Perform other duties as required


Working Conditions: The position requires working in a comfortable but fast-paced store environment and requires spending a significant portion of time on one's feet with frequent walking, bending, squatting, pulling and pushing. It requires the ability to respond to the often simultaneous demands from customers, volunteers and occasional requests for aid. From time to time there is also the need to deal with drug-addicted and/or persons with high emotional needs. This position also involves the handling of used goods, using stairs, and the lifting of objects of up to 50 lbs.


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